InfiRay Outdoor Finder FH35R V2 LRF 2-8x 640 Thermal Monocular

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Introducing the InfiRay Outdoor Finder FH35R V2 LRF 640 Thermal Monocular, a powerful thermal 640 high resolution handheld that is set to change the market. With an excellent high resolution image quality, a built in laser range finder (LRF), removable rechargeable battery and all the features you'd expect, the price of the FH35R V2 is an unbelievable value for the dollar.

Equipped with a 640×512 thermal sensor, 2x base optical magnification and a 35 mm f/0.9 lens, the FH35R V2 delivers crisp images, allowing for optimal observation of wildlife. The monocular's digital zoom capabilities further enhance its versatility, making it an ideal companion for capturing photos and videos.

The standout feature is the 800-yard infrared laser rangefinder, providing continuous or single-capture modes for accurate range determination. Complementing this is the impressive 1,750-yard thermal detection range, ensuring hunters can spot targets from considerable distances, expanding hunting ranges.

Despite its powerful capabilities, the FH35R V2 maintains a compact design that easily fits in the palm of your hand. This portability, combined with 2 included IBP-2 batteries offering over 3 hours of runtime each, ensures extended use in the field. Additionally, the monocular features a proximity sensor that intelligently powers off the display when moved away from the viewer's eye, conserving power and reducing visible light signatures for a stealthier experience.

Elevate your night hunting adventures with the InfiRay Outdoor Finder FH35R V2 LRF 640 Thermal Monocular – a state-of-the-art device that combines thermal imaging and laser rangefinding for heightened precision and convenience, all packaged in a compact and user-friendly design.

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Mark Furr

InfiRay Outdoor Finder FH35R V2 LRF 2-8x 640 Thermal Monocular

douglas thompson
fh35r v2

Great unit, very good picture. Use for scanning when walking into sets to keep from getting busted, and scanning while on set.

Eric Ward

Alsome, Get one before they’re back ordered.

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