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AGM Rattler TS35-384 Thermal Scope Review

AGM Rattler TS35-384 Thermal Scope Review

AGM Rattler TS35-384

The AGM Rattler TS35-384 2x16X Thermal Rifle Scope is new for 2021. Is it worth 2500 of your hard-earned dollars? Let’s take a look. The AGM Rattler uses a 384×288 17-micron thermal core with a 50Hz refresh rate. It has an OLED, 1024 × 768 resolution display screen, and an adjustable 35mm/F1.0 Germanium front lens. The 2.14X base magnification is suitable for most types of night hunting, and with a weight of about a pound, it won’t weigh you down on long hunts.

  • Chester Cupp

iRayUSA Ricco MK1 384 Thermal Scope Review

iRay Ricco Mk1 384 Thermal Scope Review

The iRayUSA Ricco MK1 384 Thermal Rifle Scope is iRayUSA 's newest addition to their line of thermal rifle scopes for 2021. Notable features include a 384x288 12-micron sensor and a long-lasting removable rechargeable battery. This new 4-16X thermal riflescope has what coyote hunters have been asking for; excellent image quality, a battery that will last for long hunts, and enough magnification for shots at 200+ yards. The new iRay 384 gives you all these features for a buck under $4000, and includes a 5-year warranty.

Bering Optics Super Hogster Review

Bering Optics Super Hogster Review

Bering Optics Super Hogster 2.9-11.6x35 Thermal Weapon Sight Review. Colonel Cupp reviews the Bering Optics Super Hogster. The Super Hogster is put to the test hunting Georgia Coyotes and pests on Modern Sporting Rifles and a Bolt Action Rifle.  We see what is "Super" about the Bering Optics Super Hogster and tell you what we liked and did not like about this thermal scope.  We look at all the features, take it hunting and tell you what we found using this scope in the field.

Pulsar Thermion XQ38 Review

Pulsar Thermion XQ38 ReviewThe Pulsar Thermion XQ38 2.5-10x Thermal Riflescope is the most anticipated thermal rifle scope of 2020, and possibly the best all-round mid-level thermal riflescope Pulsar has produced. The Themion XQ38’s new 388×284 17-micron processor and 2.5X base magnification combine to make this scope suitable for all types of night hunting in any terrain. 

AGM Asp-Micro TM160 Review

AGM Asp-Micro TM160  Thermal Monocular

The AGM Asp-Micro TM160 Thermal Monocular is a close-range handheld thermal monocular from AGM Global Vision. The new Micro TM160 thermal monocular is another highly anticipated AGM Global Vision product in 2020 because the price is only $499! The question is whether this new product will be useful to the hunter.

  • Chester Cupp

Pulsar Helion 2 XP50 Thermal Monocular Review

The heart of the Helion 2 XP50 is the new 640×480 resolution micro-bolometric sensor, at 17 μm pixel pitch for highly detailed imaging. The new thermal core’s  (NETD) <40 mk rating is about 10% better than last year’s model, and the Helion 2 has a new  Super AMOLED display screen. 

So, does the new thermal sensor and Super AMOLED display make the new Helion 2 model better than the older model? We used them both in the field and ran two side by side tests to see if we could see any difference in the two models.  Here is what we found.

  • Chester Cupp

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