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About Us

In early 2013 my father, Jack Robertson and I started Outdoor Legacy Gear with the intent of specializing in outdoor gear, shooting accessories and emergency preparedness supplies.  At that point in time neither of us had any idea of the changes that were soon to be in store for us.

My dad spent over 35 years in the hunting, shooting and fishing industry. Even after selling his company and retiring early, his love and passion for the outdoor industry did not diminish. Having worked together and owned several other business ventures together over the previous 15 years, my dad wanted to create one more successful business. Shortly after launching Outdoor Legacy Gear in 2013, my father was with diagnosed with a very advanced case of terminal cancer. He passed away on September 14, 2014.

This left me with giant boots that I can never fill. I do not have my dad's lifetime of experience in the outdoor industry, his intimate knowledge of helping start and run so many successful businesses and most of all I don't have his wise advice available to me at a moment's notice. However, my dad didn't leave me unprepared. From the time I was born, until the time of his passing, he taught me that my faith in Christ and devotion to loving and obeying His commands were the most important thing in my life. In business he taught me that ethics, honesty and treating people fairly is the way to create a successful company with return customers who truly appreciate the service they receive.

Soon after starting Outdoor Legacy Gear we began selling many more AR-15 and shooting accessories, as well as more and more night vision optics. By the time my dad passed away, the majority of our sales were night vision related. I could slowly see the writing on the wall as I found my niche in night vision optics. My love of shooting and hunting made this a logical direction for the business.

Fast forward to now. Over the last few years Outdoor Legacy Gear has become a premiere source  for the top night vision brands and accessories. We've helped hundreds upon hundreds of customers find the night vision that suits their budget and meets their needs. I strive daily to give honest, unbiased advice and to treat customers the way that I want to be treated.

My wife and I have young children and just like my father taught me, I'm teaching them about faith, family, integrity and I'm passing on our great love and passion for shooting, hunting and the outdoors. I guess you could say that I'm "continuing the legacy" that my dad passed on to me.


Jason Robertson

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