AGM Taipan TM10-256 1-8x Thermal Monocular

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Product Information

The Taipan TM10-256 handheld observational thermal monocular is equipped with a 256×192 infrared detector and a 720×540 LCOS display. It supports functions of observation, highest temperature target tracking, distance measurement, Wi-Fi hotspot, and so on. The high-sensitivity built-in thermal detector provides you with clear view even in total darkness. The monocular is mainly applied to scenarios such as patrolling, law enforcement, searching and rescuing, drug enforcement, anti-smuggling, criminal seizing, hiking, travel, and hunting, etc.


Distance Measurement:

The device realizes distance measurement function after marking the top and bottom of target, and input the target height.

Hot Spot Mark:
The device detects and marks the hot spot of highest temperature. 

Mode Switch:
Device supports pallet switch and distance measurement. 

Built-in memory module supports video recording/snapshot capturing.

Digital Zoom:
Device supports 1×, 2×, 4×, and 8× digital zoom.

Wi-Fi Hotspot:
Device can capture snapshots, record videos, and set parameters via APP after being connected to your phone.

  • 256×192 resolution, 12 μm, high sensitivity detector
  • Adaptive AGC, DDE, 3D DNR
  • 720 × 540 LCOS display
  • Built-in rechargeable Lithium battery
  • Up to 8 hours continuous running (with Wi-Fi hotspot function off)
  • “Auto Power Off” and “Sleep” modes
  • Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Type-C interface
  • 5 year warranty

Customer Reviews

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Troy Schupp
Adder 384


Donald Seekford

This monocular is perfect for my needs. Long range detection when using either a NV devise, or thermal. So much easier to scan as opposed to wielding my rifle around on the tri-pod. Thanks again Jason and Hans for the indepth info you provide on your podcasts. Decisions made easier!


Fast shipping and good customer service

Bernard West

I ordered this for a friend who does not have Internet access. The scanner I own is a pulsar with a 640 resolution sensor. Compared to my scanner the TM 10 -256 is nowhere nearest nice but I'm rating it five star because it is fantastic for the price point. It can detect raccoons at 100 yd and deer out to several hundred yards, identification may be a challenge, but I would rather have put my money in a good scope and do the identification using the scope. If I didn't already have the pulsar scanner, I would not pay the thousands of dollars that they cost, I would purchase one of these scanners.

Dwight Austin
Eyes in the dark

This little monocular is perfect small thermal. Works well for what it was designed to do. Let you know something is there without having to stand on rifle all night.

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