N-Vision Nox 18mm Thermal Monocular

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Nox is a small 12-micron 60Hz fully functional thermal weapon sight that can serve double duty as a head-mounted monocular or a scanner. This unique product is proudly designed and built in the USA, using the best commercially available BAE thermal imaging cores and the highest grade optical components. Nox is available in an 18mm or 35mm lens configuration, allowing for the best magnification and field of view combination, depending on your environment.


Nox can be user-configured for the right or left eye, dual-mounted with another Nox or with a night vision monocular, such as PVS-14. Weapon and/or dovetail mounts are removable to reduce the size and weight of the unit to help achieve optimal NOX configuration.


Power Supply Options
Each NOX ships with a standard CR123 battery and a rechargeable 18650 battery (and charger). Depending on ambient temperature, you can expect up to an hour and a half of run time with a standard CR123 battery and from four to seven plus hours on the rechargeable 18650 battery. For the ultimate power solution, Nox can be powered with an external USB battery bank via the provided USB-C cable.


User Interface
NOX has five highly ergonomic control buttons that permit immediate access to the frequently used functions (calibration, polarity, zoom, photo, power) and allow access to the user-friendly menu system for zeroing and/or customization of device parameters. This includes a standalone calibration button that provides the user with the ability to calibrate the unit with one hand in under one second.

Customer Reviews

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Choj Michael

Wish it came with a N-vision patch. But far as the nox-18 the best I’ve ever seen!

Neal Lucterhand
Overall I would recommend

This unit is nice but it dies have some negatives id like to point out.(at least negatives for me for my uses)

This unit was purchased to use as a 1x scanner and eventually be helmet mounted with a pvs-14. I've had multiple pulsar 320&640 units and also a iray 640 unit.

Now to the nitty gritty...

-great image quality
-runs a long time on 1 rechargeable battery
-fairly easy to handle
-lots of options (helmet, weapon, scanner)
-nice button/menu lay out
-nice warranty
-usa made

-I've always had auto nuc function and now know I have been spoiled by it. This unit is manual nuc and I dont care for it. (Mainly due to the horrible objective cover they provide with the unit.) Just a side note but once you are in your intended environment for a few you don't really have to manual nuc the unit very often since it gets used to the surrounding temperature.
-objective cover is a stock pvs14 cover that is not attached to anything.the unit doesn't manual nuc well for me without the cap on. I much prefer to have a scope type cap or the rotating open and close kind found on old pulsar units like the hd19a.

In conclusion I'd like to say I'm going to keep the unit because I really like it. I'll come up with a solution for the objective cover and get a helmet setup for it. I will most likely not weapon mount the unit so your milage and uses may vary. I would not hesitate to buy this unit but if you are stuck on having auto nuc and a nice functioning end cap from the factory then this unit is not for you.

Thanks outdoor legacy for everything and I'll be back for another thermal soon! Great people and great place to do business. Don't sleep on their shirts either.... ask about them, they are nice and comfy and fit well.

Nox 18

Amazing product. I helmet mounted for stalking and scanning. Finding stuff is a non issue with the Nox 18. The distance of verification is a little shorter with the 1x base magnification but that was expected. Super easy to use. Controls are easy to access. I did have to tie a string to the lens cap since there is nothing to hold it onto the unit once you take it off and I did not want to lose it or carry it in my pocket. Focus ring is tight which is perfect so once you set it, its set. No accidentally bumping it and it being out of focus next time you turn it on. Outdoor Legacy shipped next day of purchased and delivered. 6 stars.

Larry Drummond
NOX 18

Very pleased with item and timely manner it was shipped.

Stephen Prunitis
Nox-18, awesome monocular

The nox-18 is as good as the uncooled monocular (skeetIR) that I carry in the service... but affordable (and available). It is bigger, but it does mount to my weapon and can be used with a LPVO as an inline (although you must use the thermal's reticle not the scopes) Overall I am very happy, the next worse thermal has much less resolution (Breach) and the next best is 2x the cost (VooDoo-s) ... NOX is very stout and has a great warranty from a trustworthy company

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