N-Vision HALO-X 50mm 3.5-14x Thermal Rifle Scope

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The HALO-X 50mm 3.5x base magnification makes it the perfect thermal rifle scope for mid to long range hog and predator hunters who like a little more magnification and want the ability to easily take shots out to 200+ yards. HALO-X is N-Vision Optics latest groundbreaking product that combines state of the art BAE thermal imaging CORE with top customer demanded features, such as onboard video recording, and WiFi connectivity. HALO-X is proudly designed and built in the US, making it the ultimate US-made thermal scope available to the hunting market.

BAE 640x480 12micron
60 Hz thermal imaging core
Upgraded 50 F1.1 Germanium objective lens
Field of View 9° x 7°
640x480 B&W OLED Display
Digital Zoom: 2x, 4x, and 8x

Built-in Video and Audio Recording

HALO-X eliminates the need for external recorders. Pixel accurate 60 Hz videos are internally captured and stored for later transfer to the user’s PC via USB connection.


The streaming feature permits the user to stream videos over the WiFi connection and possibly broadcast the hunts in real-time to Youtube, Facebook, or any other social media if it is still allowed and available.

Rechargeable 18650 Batteries

HALO-X operates on two rechargeable 18650 batteries, providing up to 7 hours of run time (at room temperature).

Zoom Sensitive Zeroing

Reticle movement steps are zoom dependent, which allows for the most precise zeroing.


Eight reticle choices with two Mil Dot reticles.

USB-C Connector

Standard USB-C type cable is used for user software updates, downloading videos and still images, or powering up the HALO-XRF with an external 5V (USB) power source.

Customer Reviews

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Mike Coffel

Wish I had got the XRF but this is still a great optic!!

Nicholas Gargano
Halo X 50

This thermal is top shelf quality. It is packed with mathematical equations and ground breaking scientifical stuff. So easy it’s the thermal scope for dummies book. Reliable and enjoyable. A guy is tickled.

Alan Koonce
halo-x 50

So far everything has worked perfectly. Batteries, recording, image quality, button layout/user interface is all great, even in high humidity. Holds zero between multiple rifles. Jason answered all my emails in a timely fashion and provided excellent customer service. Anything N-vision or Outdoor Legacy is the right choice!

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