Kopfjager AMT Tripod & Reaper Grip

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The Kopfjäger K700 metal tripod and Reaper Grip Kit is purposely built to meet the demanding needs of hunters, professional long-range shooters and military personnel. The K700 Heavy Duty Metal Tripod weighs 6 lbs and is crafted of a sturdy aluminum material and features 3-level leg extensions with locking levers. The Reaper Grip weighs 2.5 lbs boasts an adjustable, pivoting grip designed to accommodate both tapered and straight stocks and chassis without allowing recoil movement. The Kopfjager K700 Tripod and Reaper Grip Kit provides 360° smooth pan and a tilt range of 109° (21° up and 87° down) and is built to handle harsh environments.


  • SKU: KJ85001K
  • Adjustable locking grip fits most straight and tapered stocks
  • Unshakeable stability for precision shooting and hunting
  • Designed to eliminate fatigue
  • Tough enough for harsh environments
  • Smooth 360° pan and tilt range of 109° (21° up and 87° down)
  • Off-set grip design for improved shooting ergonomics

Customer Reviews

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Edward Hoskins
IRay Bolt

Great product with even better service and very knowledgeable employees.

Allan "Al" Matthews
Talion XQ38

No probllems whatsoever.. Highly recommend this product and Outdoor Legacy for their unbeatable service during and after the salle..

Anthony Milanko

Kopfjager AMT Tripod & Reaper Grip

Randy Wright

Kopfjager AMT Tripod & Reaper Grip

Chris Thompson
Good quality tripod

Tried the tripod to sight in three different weapons last weekend, Two rifles and a crossbow.
The clamp works great on all three and has all the adjustability that I needed for different weapons and different terrain. I am satisfied with this purchase.

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