InfiRay Outdoor RICO RH50-V2 MK1 3-12x Thermal Rifle Scope

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The RICO RH50 V2 Mk1 is a refined and new scope built upon the success of the renowned RICO Mk1 series, introduces significant image quality enhancements for an unparalleled hunting experience. With improved audio recording, a rapid 60 Hz refresh rate, and an impressive 640x512 12-micron <20 mK sensor, the RH50 V2 stands out in its class. The core of this innovative device features the high-performance InfiRay Micro II core, boasting a 3x base magnification and an exceptionally high-contrast AMOLED HD display.

Taking image processing to the next level, the Mk1 V2 incorporates Advanced Image Correction and Automatic Image Optimization, thanks to its powerful MATRIX III processor. The device seamlessly combines unmatched image quality with user-friendly features, including an intuitive interface, a picture-in-picture function, and the convenience of two long-lasting battery packs, each providing over 6 hours of runtime. Encased in a robust aluminum-alloy housing, offering 1000 G/s2 shock-resistance, and equipped with 32 GB of internal memory, the RICO Mk1 V2 provides all the tools necessary to elevate your hunting capabilities to new heights.

  • Objective Focal Length: 50mm
  • Detection Range: 2400 Yards
  • Optical Magnification: 3X
  • Digital Magnification: 4X
  • Objective Lens Material: Germanium
  • Horizontal Angular Field of View: 8.8°
  • Vertical Angular Field of View: 6.6°
  • Objective Diameter: 50mm
  • Eye Relief: 55mm
  • Focusing Mechanism: Manual Focus
  • Objective F#: 1.0
  • Diopter Range: -4 to +4
  • Display Type: AMOLED
  • Display Resolution: 1024×768
  • Operating Temperature Range: -4°F~122°F
  • Ingress Protection: IP67
  • Recoil Rating: 1000 g/s² (300 Win./7mm Mag)

  • Length: 9.84
  • Width: 2.56
  • Height: 2.28
  • Weight: 29.28 Oz.
  • Housing Material: Aluminum

Customer Reviews

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G.W. Brown
Infiray RH50 V2

Thanks to Jason and “Las Tres Amigas” I was able to acquire the RH50 V2 a day before my last trip to my lease. I did not take the time to mount and zero during the 12 hours that elapsed between the time I received the unit and left. However, over the next three nights I spent approximately 13 hours familiarizing myself with the scopes features and using it as a scanner. I have 256, 384 (2) and 640 resolution thermal units. The image quality on the RH-50 is amazing in comparison, especially during inclement weather. One evening while I was there it had been cloudy all day, wind was gusting about 25 mph blowing a light mist. I had my AGM-15-384 scanner, my Bering Optics Super-Yoter and the RH-50 to compare. Where I could not see the feeder @ 90 yds with the AGM scanner, barely make out the feeder with the Super-Yoter, the RH-50 image “popped”

I started using kill lights around 2000. Progressed to Night vision close to 10 years ago, then thermal 5 years ago. Max distance I shoot is 200 yds. There are many other brands/units out there, some cost more, some less. For me this is the first unit that ticks all the boxes of my requirements.

Dual streaming to I-phone or tablet. Consequently, you can mount it on a tri-pod, point it at a location and not have to keep your eye to the scope, and focus on using a scanner for observation. I like that.

A requisite iis a base mag of 3x. It has that.

60 Hz refresh rate!

12-micron, <20 mK sensor. Wow, does this make a difference due to the sensitivity of the sensor.

This unit has “audio”. My other units do not.

Battery Life. Two of my other units use CR123 Batteries. I typically have spent over $20 per month on those batteries, even when I use a clip-on external battery pack. The first night I sat out between 7 PM and 2:30 AM. I did not have to change the battery or use an external charging unit.

A quality QR mount comes with the optic. One does not have to spend extra to get a good mount.

On my other units, downloading pix and video is a chore. With this unit I plug the USB connector that comes with the unit into a laptop and it comes up like a san-disk. Jut open up the file and folders and Voila!

The only negative so far is the fact that after using it, my other units seem obsolete.
Mighty Fine.



Dan Keith
It doesn't get any better than this scope here.

So I have been hunting with this scope for about a month now and I absolutely love it. The battery life is great and the fact that it comes with 2 is awesome.The multiple color pallets a real game changer. I'm loving the Veridian green. The clarity is unparalleled. The audio is the best on the market in my opinion and that was a big deal to me. I brought it out hunting with a few buddies and now they are selling their scopes to get the rh50 as well. Definitely the best money I've ever spent. And I extremely happy to have purchased it from outdoor legacy. They have been great at answering any questions is had about the unit and extremely helpful. They helped me get the perfect scope for me. A special shout out to hans for answering my 3 million questions and being so knowledgeable and professional. He is the real MVP. Overall very pleased with my purchase and the over the top customer service.

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