InfiRay Outdoor Bolt TH50-C V2 640 3.5x-14x 50mm Thermal Rifle Scope

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The BOLT-TH50-cC V2 Series expands on the success of the BOLT with the addition of our industry leading 12 μm 640x512 Micro II sensor, 2560x2560 Micro-OLED HD display and Shutterless Calibration feature. The BOLT-C Series maintains the traditional look and flexibility of 30mm ring mounting interface, while its proven combination of a manual focus lens, dual battery design and tactile control turret work in tandem with its pixel-dense display to provide an improved viewing experience and unmatched level of precision to you next hunt. 

The Bolt TH50-C has an iRay USA 5 year warranty that includes a 5 business day repair/replace policy. This warranty is unmatched in the US thermal industry and it shows iRay USA's commitment to their customers!

*The V2 model includes audio recording along with the video recording and bluetooth capabilities that will function with a wireless laser range finder that will be released by Infiray at a future date.

The BOLT-C Series features an all new Micro-OLED display with 2560x2560 resolution, 640x512 Micro II sensor and increased eyepiece magnification to guarantee you won’t miss a thing, while a Shutterless Calibration feature, dual battery design with 10+ hour runtime and 32GB of internal storage guarantee you can record it all. Visit to see for yourself and learn more about the BOLT-C Series from InfiRay Outdoor. 

Features Include: 
  • High Resolution 640X512 Sensor
  • Rugged Aircraft Aluminum Housing
  • Internal Recording
  • Wifi connectivity with InfiRay Outdoor App
  • 8 Hour internal battery
  • 18500 Removable/Rechargeable Battery Capable (4hrs)
  • Full Circular Display
  • Tactile Turret Adjustment
  • 30mm Mounting versatility 

Customer Reviews

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Peter Gaide
Bolt TH50-C V2

It finally got warm enough here {-35 degrees windchill when scope arrived}  for me to sight-in the Infiray Outdoor Bolt TH50-C V2.  As you can see from the photo, my POA was the lower left corner of the black block target.  Due to having a cold bore, I shot three rounds out of the 22-250 to establish the initial point of impact.  They were 18.75" low and 14.75" right; all rounds touching.  I put black electrical tape over the impacts so as to see the POI better through the scope at 100 yards in mid-afternoon.  I used the Bolt's zeroing interface as described in the owner's manual and the resulting shot was 1/2" low left.  WOW.  One additional adjustment and I'm dead on.

In the coming days I look forward to using this rifle/scope combination on coyotes in tandem with the Pulsar Axion 2 XG35 thermal monocular.

Ray Blair

InfiRay Outdoor Bolt TH50-C V2 640 3.5x-14x 50mm Thermal Rifle Scope

Greg Peterson
Iray TH50 640

After making two phone calls and going through the pros and cons on four scopes I settled on the Iray Bolt 640 for my application. Wow is all I can say. Image quality is outstanding. I can't wait to start stacking up the videos of my hunts in Minnesota.

TH50-C V2 640 3.5x-14x 50mm

This is my first thermal so I don’t have anything to compare it to, but I can say it far exceeds my expectations as far as clarity goes. I’m very excited to use it this winter. Couldn’t be happier with my first thermal, thank you outdoor legacy and infiray/iray

First review I’ve done on anything I’ve purchased

I usually don’t do reviews but felt I had to, first outdoor legacy answered all my questions in a single phone call, order went smooth and was delivered in a timely manner! Great service outdoor legacy!! Now the scope!! Put this on my 250 and dialed it in very easily one thing I would add that I couldnt find anywhere on any review was the fact that this scope will save 3 different ballistic profiles which is very important being I shoot supressed and non supressed depending on the state I’m hunting, the image is amazing! Scope is easy to use and deadly accurate! I highly recommend to anyone looking, first night on my rifle I took a yote at 40 yards the image blew me away!! Recording and audio is easy to download right to my phone! Just a really really awesome rig! Thank you Iray and outdoor legacy!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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