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Meet the Outdoor Legacy ProStaff:

Joel Miller
Ben Wheeler, TX
HansETX Youtube Channel

Joel Miller, also known as HansETX on YouTube, knows firsthand about the damage and destruction that can come from an explosive wild hog population. Located in Ben Wheeler, TX, the feral hog capital of Texas, HansETX is at ground zero in the fight to stop the spread of the wild hog epidemic. When you follow Joel on Youtube, you will not only see night vision hog and predator hunts but you'll also get a glimpse of the damage that these aggressive beasts of the night leave in their wake.

"Now with the latest in night vision and thermal technology, we are finally able to begin to control the population of the feral hog population. We don't just do this for fun, we hunt every night to protect our land, the safety of our animals and for the peace of mind to know that our children can safely play outside without fear of them coming face-to-face with a wild boar hog..."-HansETX


Chester L Cupp
Colonel US Army, Retired
Watkinsville, Georgia
Chester's website: The Old Deer Hunters


Chester L. Cupp is a retired US Army Officer who served 26 years in various US Army and Joint Operations command and staff positions in USCENTCOM, Europe, Asia and Persian Gulf areas.  After retirement from the military he founded CLC Web Designs, a website development company in Watkinsville, Georgia. 

Chester is an avid hunter and firearms enthusiast, but his highest priority has always been family. He began hunting with his dad as a child and the passion continues to grow.  You can find many of his hunting reports, firearms reviews and reloading information online at The Old Deer Hunters website  Today that family hunting tradition is carried on with stepson Douglas Graham especially for deer hunting and night predator hunting.

Over the last few years, predator hunting has evolved from just fun into helping farmers and ranchers in Northeast Georgia control the ever-growing pig and coyote population. His equipment reviews have transitioned to night vision gear, predator rifles and calibers for hunting hogs and coyotes.  His secondary goal of sharing reviews and hunting experiences online provide valuable information for hunters when they are making decisions about night vision and thermal optics, rifles and calibers for hogs and other predators. 

Being a life long hunter, but relatively new to thermal and night vision optics, Chester is in a position to evaluate digital night vision and thermal optics and answer some of the most frequently asked questions of Outdoor Legacy’s first time customers.  Teaming with Doug, an expert thermal optics predator hunter, gives him the insight to the most demanding hunters. 

Follow the Outdoor Legacy blog as he puts night vision and thermal optics to the test and  gives us the good, the bad and the ugly findings during his reviews.


Jason Robertson
Appleby, TX
Outdoor Legacy Gear Youtube Channel

Jason Robertson is the owner of Outdoor Legacy Gear and he lives on his family farm in northern Nacogdoches County in deep east Texas. Jason knows first hand about the damage wild hogs can do to pastures, farm land and managed tree farms. Having experienced the repeated destructive effects of hogs on his farm and the hogs becoming nearly impossible to trap, he understands that night vision and thermal imaging are often the best tool in attempting to control the hog population.

Jason has a passion for Christ, family, hunting, fishing and farming. He also enjoys helping land owners and hunters learn about night vision optics and helping them equip themselves to go to battle against hogs, coyotes, beavers or any other nuisance animal causing them problems. If you are interested in night vision optics and have questions, give Jason a call. (877)350-1818

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