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Meet the Outdoor Legacy Gear ProStaff:

Joel Miller
Ben Wheeler, TX
HansETX Youtube Channel

Joel Miller, also known as HansETX on YouTube, knows firsthand about the damage and destruction that can come from an explosive wild hog population. Located in Ben Wheeler, TX, the feral hog capital of Texas, HansETX is at ground zero in the fight to stop the spread of the wild hog epidemic. When you follow Joel on Youtube, you will not only see night vision hog and predator hunts but you'll also get a glimpse of the damage that these aggressive beasts of the night leave in their wake.

"Now with the latest in night vision and thermal technology, we are finally able to begin to control the population of the feral hog population. We don't just do this for fun, we hunt every night to protect our lands, the safety of our animals, and for the peace of mind to know that our children can safely play outside without fear of them coming face-to-face with a wild boar hog..."-HansETX

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