Export Policy

Summary of Outdoor Legacy Gear Export Policy & Export Restrictions Information

This is a summary of our export policy and we've attempted to break this down as simply as possible. US Export laws are very complicated and if you don't understand or ignore them, you may break multiple federal laws and risk serious consequences. The US government takes the exportation of certain items extremely seriously and breaking one of these export laws can land you in federal prison. This is not a joke or something to take lightly. Ignorance of the law is not a valid defense.

We do NOT ship outside of the US. If you want to purchase any item from us and plan to export it out of the US, please do not purchase it from us. That's as simple as we can put it!

Lastly, "exporting" includes taking an item out of the country, even if it's still in your possession. Traveling across a US border via air, land or sea with an item can be considered exporting the item. With the rise of terrorism, the government does not take the issue of illegal exportation lightly. You shouldn't either.

When placing an order for certain products from Outdoor Legacy Gear, you may be asked to agree to, sign and date our export policy, as well as provide a copy of your driver's license or valid ID, as well as a copy of your credit/debit card.

Outdoor Legacy Gear may at our own discretion for any reason or no reason contact the customer to inquire concerning the end user, end use, and final intended destination of any product(s) or orders placed with our company.

Outdoor Legacy Gear Export Policy & Export Restrictions Information

The U.S. Department of State's Directorate of Defense Trade Controls, U.S. Department of State, Office of Munitions Control, the U.S. Department of Commerce and the U.S. Department of the Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control administer and over see export control regulations that affect some products we sell. Before entering into a transaction or completing a purchase with us, we ask that you read over this document in its entirety and if further clarification on the use or export laws is needed, please consult an attorney for legal advice.

Outdoor Legacy Gear will not engage or participate in any transaction that requires or procures the illegal export of any product(s) and will not assist in any way with the legal or illegal export or re-export of any product(s). The sale, shipment or transportation of any restricted item outside of the US without following proper export documentation and procedure may result in a local, state or federal crime. Outdoor Legacy Gear only ships to U.S. states. We do not ship to ANY other country, territory or jurisdiction.

If you want to purchase an item for shipment or use outside of the United States or to use in any jurisdiction, city, county or state where the item(s) are restricted, please do not place an order with Outdoor Legacy Gear. Outdoor Legacy Gear does not condone, knowingly allow or help assist in the the exportation of any of the items we sell and many items are illegal to export or require specific export licenses. Many products and items we sell may be banned from export or require special licensing to be exported. Some of these items include but are not limited to:

•All Night Vision Equipment, including but not limited to: Generation 1, 2, 3 or 4 Night Vision, Digital Night Vision, Thermal Imaging Equipment and Cameras and Night Vision Accessories.

•Optics, including but not limited to: Traditional "Day" Scopes, Spotting Scopes, Binoculars, Lasers, Laser Sights, Reflex Sights, Holographic Sights and Optics Accessories.

•Firearm Parts, Stocks, Magazines, Grips, Weapons Lights, Handheld Lights and other Tactical and Shooting related products, Knives, Axes, Multi-tools, Handcuffs and other security related products.

By proceeding with a transaction to purchase any items from Outdoor Legacy Gear, the Customer certifies that they will comply with all requirements imposed by any and all applicable local, state and/or federal laws, regulations, administrative policies and export policies.

For further information regarding the applicable laws, regulations, and policies contact:

U.S. Department of State
International Traffic in Arms Regulations
Office of Defense Trade Control:
Phone:(202) 663 2714

U.S. Department of Commerce
Bureau of Industry and Security
Phone:(202) 482-4811

U.S. Department of State
Bureau of Political-Military Affairs
Directorate of Defense Trade Control
Phone: (202) 663-1282

U.S. Department of the Treasury
Office of Foreign Assets Controls
Phone: (202) 622-2480

Export control laws and regulations are extremely complicated and for advice or information concerning U.S. export law please consult an attorney or one of the governmental offices listed above.

This document provided by Outdoor Legacy should not to be taken as legal advice or counseling. Please read and agree to the terms, conditions and information above before placing an order with Outdoor Legacy Gear.