Kopfjager Carbon Fiber Tripod & Reaper Grip

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**This is the newest version of the carbon fiber tripod with locking QD levers that are far superior to the former twist-lock legs.


The Kopfjäger K800 Carbon Fiber Tripod and Reaper Grip Kit is the perfect, shooting accessory to improve stability, enhance accuracy and eliminate fatigue for hunters and competitive shooters alike. Weighing in at just 3.5 lbs., the K800 Tripod is crafted of a lightweight carbon-fiber composite material and features 4-level leg extensions with twist-locking rings. The Reaper Grip weighs 2.5 lbs and boasts an adjustable, pivoting grip designed to accommodate both tapered and straight stocks and chassis without allowing recoil movement. The Kopfjager K800 Tripod and Reaper Grip Kit provides 360° smooth pan and a tilt range of 109° (21° up and 87° down) and is built to handle harsh environments.


  • SKU: KJ85002K
  • 5 lbs 15 oz - Total weight of carbon fiber tripod and Reaper Grip
  • Adjustable locking grip fits most straight and tapered stocks
  • Ultra-Lightweight carbon-fiber tripod weighs just 3.5 lbs.
  • Unshakeable stability for precision shooting and hunting
  • Designed to eliminate fatigue
  • Tough enough for harsh environments
  • Smooth 360° pan and tilt range of 109° (21° up and 87° down.)
  • Off-set grip design for improved shooting ergonomics

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Don Sickels
Great Tripod

This Tripod works perfect for my thermal rifle.

Brant Abernathy

Awesome product

William Carr
Nice tripod

Well designed. Great service from Outdoor Legacy

Joseph Parsons

Good strong tripod. Very lightweight.

Aaron Dore

I have used this many times and it’s light easy to set up and very stable with any rifle I put in it. Great for sighting in as well as hunting.

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