Pulsar Talion XG35 Thermal Scope Review

Pulsar Talion XG35 Thermal Scope Review

This Pulsar Talion XG35 Thermal Scope Review is brought to you by The Old Deer Hunters. The Pulsar Talion XG35 Thermal Rifle Scope is here and is one of the best kept-secrets in the Thermal Industry. The Talion XG35 2x16X35 uses a 640×480 12-Micron thermal core with a 50Hz refresh rate. It has an OLED, 1024 × 768 resolution display screen and an adjustable 35mm/F1.0 Germanium front lens. The 2X base magnification is suitable for most types of night hunting, and with a weight of about 24 ounces, it won’t weigh you down on long hunts.

The Talion XG35, with 2X native magnification and 35mm lens is designed for medium-range hunting. It provides clear thermal images at night in all types of weather conditions like fog or rain. The small compact scope can be used as a riflescope or thermal scanner. It is absolutely perfect for use on AR rifles with the Pulsar QD Mount.

The Talion XG35 uses Pulsar's new 12-micron processor with a <40 thermal sensitivity (NETD) rating. The high-quality fast aperture germanium lens and a 1024x768 AMOLED screen generate a clear image and ensure flawless operation in sub-zero conditions.

Thanks to Jason Roberton, owner of Outdoor Legacy, we were able to get our hands on one in late November 2023.

Pulsar's New Thermal Scope - The Talion

The Pulsar Talion is a completely new design. Pulsar now gives you a 640x480 compact thermal scope in a totally new form factor. It is compact and lightweight but still has all the features Pulsar is known for. It has an adjustable 35mm lens, a new battery system and new controls that are very easy to use in the field.

The Talion’s housing is made of magnesium alloy to ensure great structural strength and retain a light-weight. The robust and lightweight metal housing serves also as a heat sink extracting the warmth generated by inner electronics thus making the thermal imaging device more sensitive.

Pulsar Talion XG35 Thermal Scope Review

The Talion uses removable rechargeable Pulsar APS 5 battery packs, and two are provided with the scope to give you a total run time of over 10 hours. Look closely at the photo above and you can see the battery compartment door and locking lever. If you forget to charge the battery, there is a port for external power. The battery cover design helps to accurately position the battery and makes it possible to quickly replace a depleted battery with a new one in complete darkness by touch alone.

Talion XG35 Controls and Menu

The Talion uses a modified version of the Thermion Controller system. In the photo below, notice the control buttons. They are similar to the Thermion except the controller is the ring around the outside of the buttons instead of being on the side of the scope. The ring around the buttons is turned to scroll through the menu. The magnification and recording buttons are located conveniently inside the ring for use during the hunt. The third button is the menu button.

The photo also shows the adjustable ocular lens for focusing the reticle and screen information.

Pulsar Talion XG35 Thermal Scope Review with videos

Objective Focus Adjustment

Pulsar Talion XG35 Thermal Scope Review field test

The precise focusing adjustment has an integrated fin lever that is set to match the protruding ridge on the housing of the Talion. When the fin is aligned with the ridge, the focus will be set at approximately 70 m (76 yd) mark. This handy feature enables quick and correct focusing, even without looking at the riflescope.

3 Sensitivity Amplification Levels

Pulsar Talion XG35 Thermal Scope Review- sensitivity amplification levels

Selection of the signal amplification level combined with new filtration algorithms with fine brightness and contrast adjustments offers the hunter great opportunities for long-range detection of game under diverse weather and temperature conditions. The amplification setting helps to define an animal’s trophy features and ensures a clear rendering of objects and background in the field of view.

Three sensitivity amplification levels plus Multiple color palettes offer unprecedented versatility and comfort of use. Multiple image settings enable the riflescope to perform well in any weather condition.

Depending on the weather conditions, I choose the signal level that looks best. It gives you three different views without having to go into the scope menu to make changes. You can adjust each of the signal levels using the quick menu to adjust brightness and contrast. I know of no other brand except Pulsar which has these easy and fast image adjustments.

Video & Audio Recording + Streaming

Wi-Fi integration with iOS and Android devices. Stream Vision 2 application

The Talion has onboard video and still image recording in .mp4 and .jpg formats. The robust 16GB internal storage ensures you have plenty of memory to assure fast operation. User-friendly digital controls make setup and on-the-fly customizing easy. The Talion’s Wi-Fi connectivity via the Stream Vision 2 app allows you to wirelessly download video to your iOS and Android devices, or share the scope's images to a smartphone or tablet as a second display and remote control. Users registered in the application are provided with cloud storage space for photos and videos taken with a digital or thermal imaging device.

If you are hunting over a feeder or food plot from a blind, you can actually set your rifle on a tripod or shooting bag, point it toward the feeder, and remote the image to your smartphone. You don't have to actually keep looking through the scope all the time. Sit back, and watch your phone until the hogs show up at the feeder.

A charging cable for PC or Mac is provided and you can also use it to download videos to your laptop or PC.

Waterproof & Recoil Resistant

Pulsar Talion XG35 Thermal Scope Review - Waterproof IPX7 housing

With an IPX7 waterproof rating, Talion thermal scopes work in conditions of high humidity and heavy rain and can withstand half an hour of immersion under water to a depth of 1 meter.

Pulsar Talion thermal rifle scopes are highly impact resistant and can be used with rifled hunting weapons with calibers of 9.3x64, .30-06, .300, .375H&H, etc., as well as with smooth-bore and pneumatic weapons and shotguns.

Shooting Profiles

5 shooting profiles / 50 zeroing distances

Zeroing settings are saved in a shooting profile. Talion memory contains up to five shooting profiles for several types of weapons or cartridges. Each profile can hold up to ten zeroing distances. I have a profile for my 223, my 6.5 Grendel and my 243. Since the zero distance for all my rifles is the same, I usually ID my profiles by caliber. I label my 223 at 223 yds, my 6.5 Grendel at 65 yds and my 243 at 243 yards even though all the calibers are zeroed at 200 yards.

When I turn on the scope, the caliber and profile are displayed at the bottom of the screen. That way I do not forget which profile goes with which rifle.

Pulsar Talion XG35 Thermal Scope Review

A choice of 8 color palettes, allows hunters to optimize the unit for changing weather conditions and personal preferences. White Hot, Black Hot and Red Hot are optimal for object detection, and Rainbow and Ultramarine help increase chances for recognition & identification. Red Monochrome, Sepia and Violet are best suited to long-range observation at night.

In my experience, most hunters have a favorite color palette and stick with it most of the time.

A selection of 10 reticle shapes in 9 color modes

The Talion memory contains ten reticle configurations and functions (direct shot type, ballistic, scalable and regular), all available in nine color options. Three of the reticles are ranging reticles for holdover at any magnification level.

I used to use the green milling reticle, but lately have changed to orange because it is so easy to see while using the white hot or black hot palettes.

Precision aiming in the “Picture-in-picture” mode

 Pulsar Talion XG35 Thermal Scope Review

The “Picture-in-picture” function enables the shooter to display a high-precision zeroing frame. Taking only 10% of the total display area, the frame shows a magnified image of the target and reticle and allows the user to closely see the image in the aiming area and have visual control of the entire field of view at the same time.

PIP is an extremely beneficial feature on a scope with a base power of 2X. You can have the complete 65-foot field of view in the large screen and a magnified image in the small window for precise aiming.

Hunting With The Pulsar Talion XG35

Pulsar talion xg50 review

I mounted the new Pulsar Talion XG35 on my AR in 6.5 Grendel caliber using the optional Pulsar QD mount available for about $100. The first thing I noticed was how well the Talion matched the AR platform. A compact 24-ounce Pulsar Talion XG35 640x480 thermal scope on an AR rifle is a match made in thermal paradise. The scope also came with a mount for bolt action rifles with Picatinny rails. Weaver mounts are also available.

Zeroing the rifle was very easy. A couple of shots at 25 yards and three more at 100 yards and I was ready to go. I was excited to try out the new Talion XG35 on both hogs and coyotes and the wait was short.

Hogs were robbing my corn feeders and I decided to do a pre-dawn hunt the next morning. No quicker than I got to the first feeder, the first victim showed up. I have to say the 2X base power is great when working close or in timber. One shot from the old Grendel and one less feral hog.

If you are primarily a hog hunter, this is a great scope for you. The base magnification may be a little low for coyote hunting, but it is great when the range is around 100 yards or closer. Especially if you are working close in and you need follow-up shots when hogs are running. That wide field of view will really help you pick up the runners for more shots.

It's not bad for coyote hunting either, as the image is very good and the PIP function helps in precise aiming. I did manage to blow a shot on a coyote but it was my fault. I just moved up a little at the shot and sent one over his back. A while later I redeemed myself on the next stand.

The image is not as good as a Pulsar Thermion XP50, but is better than any 384x288 thermal on the market and better than some of the other 640 scopes I have tested. Like most 12-micron processors, the emphasis is on the target and less on the pretty background. You may not be able to see all the details in the background but the target will be bright so you can make the shot.

I really like the button layout with the control ring around the buttons. Less movement and faster to operate. All the same Pulsar features in a small, lightweight package that is easy to use in the field.

The objective focus ring with the fin on top helps in the field for initial setup and when making adjustments. Pulsar has added some great features to this new scope that are really beneficial.

Pulsar Talion XG35 review

The battery life is good and Pulsar gives you two APS 5 batteries so you can hunt all night on those two batteries. I hunted 5 hours on my second hunt and still had about 25% of my first battery left. Changing the battery is easy too, even in the dark.

But the best thing about the Pulsar Talion XG35 is the ease of use. It is easy to zero, easy to focus and the button layout is the best of any scope on the market. No rows of little buttons on top. The video recording is instant without having to hold the button for a few seconds. The zoom and recording buttons are together and easy to use. The controller ring and menu button work so well in one location.

If you want to hunt more and spend less time learning how to use a thermal scope, this scope is for you. You get a 640 resolution scope that won't break the bank and it is good for any kind of night hunting.

The only drawback to the Talion XG35 is the base magnification. It is 2X and most coyote hunters want 3X or more. If you are mainly a hog hunter and shoot a few coyotes, it should be fine. If you shoot an AR-style rifle, it is the perfect scope for that platform.

I really like the new Pulsar Talion XG35 and I think it will fill the bill for most hunters. I really enjoyed hunting with the new Pulsar thermal during our Pulsar Talion XG35 Thermal Scope Review.

Pulsar Talion XG35 Thermal Scope Review - Specifications

Key Features

  • 5 Zeroing Profiles
  • Highly sensitive thermal imaging sensor with multiple color palettes
  • Picture-in-Picture plus Video and Still-Photo Recording
  • Customizable Reticle Options
  • Defective pixel repair feature
  • Recoil Rated up to .375 H&H, 12-Gauge and 9.3x64
Included Accessories
  • 2 rechargeable batteries
  • battery charger
  • Main charger
  • USB cable
  • Case
  • Cleaning cloth
  • battery cover
  • Quick start guide

Main Features 640×480 Resolution
50 Hz Refresh Rate 12 µm Pixel Pitch
40 Milli Kelvin temperature sensitivity Greater temperature sensitivity than previous units
1750 Yard Detection Range
Field of view (HxV), degrees / m @ 100 m 12.5x9.4 / 21.9x16.515mm Eye Relief
IPX7 Waterproof
10-12 Hours Operation Time (2 Rechargeable APS5 batteries included)
Externally port for a USB power source
Stadiametric Rangefinder
Lightweight Metal Housing
Firmware updates
Pulsar Stream Vision App
3-Year Factory Warranty

Pulsar Talion XG35 Thermal Scope Review - Features

Superior Thermal Imaging Capabilities: At the heart of the Talion XG35 lies a 640x480 thermal sensor, delivering crisp, detailed thermal images. With an enhanced pixel pitch and a high refresh rate of 50Hz, this riflescope provides excellent thermal sensitivity and clarity. Shooters can detect and identify targets with ease, even in complete darkness or challenging weather conditions.

Multiple Reticle Options: The Talion XG35 Thermal Riflescope offers a range of reticle options to suit different shooting preferences and environments. Shooters can choose from 10 reticle designs in 9 colors. Reticle patterns include traditional crosshairs, ballistic reticles, and rangefinding reticles. This flexibility ensures that shooters can tailor their aiming points to specific shooting conditions, maximizing their accuracy and efficiency in the field.

Integrated Video and Photo Recording: Capture and relive your shooting experiences with the Talion XG35's integrated video with audio, and photo recording capabilities. The riflescope allows shooters to record high-quality videos with sound and capture still images of their hunts. Whether you want to document your hunting adventures, analyze your shooting technique, or share your achievements on social media, the Talion XG35 makes it easy to preserve and relive those memorable moments in the field.

User-Friendly Design and Ergonomics: Pulsar has designed the Talion XG35 with user convenience and comfort in mind. The riflescope features an ergonomic design that ensures comfortable handling during extended shooting sessions. The intuitive interface and user-friendly controls allow for quick and easy adjustments, enabling shooters to stay focused on the target. The Talion XG35 is built with a strong, lightweight aluminum housing and is recoil-rated for calibers up to 12ga and .375 H&H. Its IPX7 waterproof rating, protecting it against rain and water immersion for short periods of time.

The Pulsar Talion XG35 Thermal Riflescope is a groundbreaking device that marries the precision of a riflescope with the unmatched capabilities of thermal imaging technology. With its superior thermal imaging, ballistic features, reticle options, and integrated recording capabilities, this riflescope empowers hunters and shooters to elevate their performance and achieve exceptional accuracy. The Talion XG35 opens up a new world of possibilities in hunting and shooting, allowing enthusiasts and professionals alike to experience the thrill of precision shooting like never before.

Thanks for visiting our site and reading the Pulsar Talion XG35 Thermal Scope Review. Please come back soon for our review of the new Pulsar Telos Thermal Monocular.

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