iRayUSA Ricco MK1 384 Thermal Scope Review

iRay Ricco Mk1 384 Thermal Scope Review

The iRayUSA Ricco MK1 384 Thermal Rifle Scope is iRayUSA 's newest addition to their line of thermal rifle scopes for 2021. Notable features include a 384x288 12-micron sensor and a long-lasting removable rechargeable battery. This new 4-16X thermal riflescope has what coyote hunters have been asking for; excellent image quality, a battery that will last for long hunts, and enough magnification for shots at 200+ yards. The new iRay 384 gives you all these features for a buck under $4000, and includes a 5-year warranty.

Thanks to Jason Roberton, owner of Outdoor Legacy, we were able to put the iRayUSA Ricco MK1 384 to the test in April, 2021.

Iray Ricco MK1 384's Technology

The number one thing all thermal scope buyers want is the best image available for the amount of money they have to spend. iRayUSA's goal with the Ricco MK1 384 is to provide you the best image possible in the medium price range of thermal rifle scopes.

The heart of the iRayUSA Ricco MK1 384 Thermal Scope is a 384x288 12-micron thermal processing core with a NETD rating of <40 Mk. Add the MATRIX III Advanced Image Correction and Automatic Image Optimization software, an advanced Germanium 42mm lens, and an AMOLED HD display and you have a thermal optic with an extremely clear image.

You can definitely see the difference when you compare it to most 384x288 resolution thermal scopes. The 12-micron core makes it possible to have a higher base magnification and a great image. You will not be disappointed with the image quality.

Ricco MK1 384 Dimensions & Mounts

The Ricco 384 is about 10" long and 2.5" wide and weighs 2.3 pounds. After I used it for a while it seems to be about the perfect size for a thermal scope. It is not bulky but large enough for the controls to be easy to use. At 2.3 pounds its is a little heavy for its size.  Comparing it to my Pulsar Helion monocular, it is almost the same size, but weighs more than twice as much.

The Ricco MK1 384 comes standard with a dual-lever, quick-release (QR) mount that attaches to any firearm equipped with a Picatinny rail. The supplied mount has three mounting positions for the scope so it is easy to set the eye relief for modern sporting rifles or bolt action rifles. An American Defence return to zero mount is also available for the scope at extra cost. The scope we tested came with the American Defense mount available from for $199.

iRayUSA Ricco 384 Thermal Scope Features

iRay Ricco 384 battery

In addition to the great image quality of the iRayUSA Ricco MK1 384, you get many other features that make it unique in the field. Leading the list is a long-lasting removable rechargeable battery. Our tests show that in warm weather the battery lasts for up to 8 hours on a single charge. Other thermal scopes on the market today in the $3-4000 range operate from either CR123 batteries or small rechargeable battery packs that last from 3-5 hours. Spare IRay battery packs are $169 if you think you need a spare. Personally, I always want a spare battery.  It can also be powered with an external power bank connected to the USB-C connector. So, you can attach a mount or bag to your rifle to carry a power bank and connect it with a cable, or just carry a small rechargeable battery pack in your pocket.

It also has photo capturing and video recording. Although it does not record sound, it has excellent video recording capability with just the push of a button. The recording is done internally so you need no micro SD card. It has 32 gigs of internal memory and you can download recordings and photos through the WIFI or with the provided cable. The download of videos is much faster using the cable. Videos are recorded in .mp4 format so you can upload them directly to Youtube without having to edit the video format.

The Picture-in-Picture function provides you a 2X multiplied window on the top center of the display. It allows you to have most of the fullwidth screen at base power and a 2X magnified image with a reticle in the smaller view at the top. It is much easier and faster to have that small window at the top of the screen for precise aiming without fumbling with buttons to magnify the image right before the shot.

The Ricco MK1 384 has a Stradiametric Rangefinder function to estimate the distance to the targets of known size. Using a series of presses of the control buttons, you can bracket a target to get a rough estimate of the range. It is a pretty slow process and will take some practice if you plan to use this feature in the field. An integrated laser range finder is not yet available in the United States, but may available in the future.

The scope has a power standby setting to save power and turn off the display screen. It takes about 10 seconds to power up the iRayUSA Ricco 384 if it is turned completely off, but when the scope is in standby mode, it powers up instantly with a short push of the power button. Turning off the display will keep the bright light of the screen from being seen by game from your rear, or the light reflected off your face or glasses. But, because the battery life was so good, I seldom used the standby mode.

You can save four zero profiles in this iRayUSA Thermal Scope. It gives you the capability to set up profiles for different rifles or different loads for the same rifle. Regardless of how you use the multiple profiles option, it will come in handy. Other handy features include an inclinometer to help you keep the scope level, a digital compass, and a battery status indicator on the display screen. If you encounter a bad pixel on the screen, it has a blind pixel repair tool.

Scroll to the bottom for a complete list of Ricco MK1 384 specifications and what comes in the box.

Ricco MK1 384 Scope Controls

iRay Ricco 384 (RL42)

The buttons and focus knob of the Ricco MK1 384 are grouped together in a classic layout on top of the scope so it is convenient for use with either hand. It has four control buttons and a focus knob on the top of the scope. You have a power button at the front, followed by a magnification or zoom button, the menu button, and a record button in the rear. The menu button is raised slightly higher than the other buttons for easier selection in darkness.

Focusing the scope for distance is done by a knob on the top front of the scope. It is very easy to use, it turns smoothly and resistance is just enough to keep it set during recoil so it does not move until you physically turn it. The scope has an ocular lens adjustment to set it to your vision. Just set it one time for your eye and you are ready to hunt. The control buttons and focus adjustments have a clean layout and everything you need during the hunt is accessed with a button or turn of the focus knob.

All the functions are accessed through the menu buttons with a series of long and short presses. Using the buttons to access features like recording requires a short press to "wake" the scope before using the buttons. To zoom the magnification while hunting, you have to give the button a quick click first before you can zoom the magnification.  The operation was just annoying to me. There is just no need to have to wake the scope before you record or zoom.  The time you will want to use these functions is that critical time right before the shot.  I really think iRayUSA should address the issue of waking the scope before using the record and zoom functions.

Ricco MK1 384 Palettes & Reticles

The Ricco MK1 384 has four color palettes - White Hot, Black Hot, Red Hot & Colored Hot. It also has a "highlighted white hot". Of the four, black hot seems to be the best for clarity and heat separation. I do think the Colored Hot is useful to rest your eyes on long hunts. Red hot works very well also, especially for locating hot spots while scanning across a field.

The scope has 8 reticle patterns including 3 ranging reticles for those long shots at stubborn varmints that hang up at long range. Each of the reticle patterns has four color options; red, green, black and white. The ranging reticles work at any magnification level.

When the digital zoom is changed, the ranging reticle that is displayed is scaled, i.e. its view will change (increase or decrease) in proportion to the variable magnification. This function is similar to a conventional front focal plane scope with a ranging reticle, ie, it ranges properly at any power. I do not have the measurements of the reticles so I do not know if they are sized in milliradian increments or inches.

Warranty & Customer Service

The iRayUSA Ricco MK1 384 Thermal Scope is covered for 5 years with the best warranty in the thermal scope industry.   

One of iRayUSA's stated objectives to "greatly improve the customer service level for the end user". They plan on accomplishing this objective by offering a 1-week repair guarantee, and by only working with highly qualified Authorized Dealers. During the published warranty period, IRayUSA will repair or replace, at its discretion, any optic that becomes defective from normal use. If they cannot repair an optic in less than one week, they will offer a replacement in like or better condition. 

The 5-year warranty period follows the product, and is not tied to the original owner. The warranty period is tied to the date of sale to the dealer or end-user registration. So, if you are the second owner of an IRay thermal scope, you receive the remainder of the warranty.

Hunting With Ricco MK1 384


The iRayUSA Ricco MK1 384 is great for hunting coyotes, especially if most of your shots are over 100 yards. Personally, I like thermal scopes with higher base powers of at least 3X, so I liked the IRay 4-16X. I use my thermal scanner for locating game and seldom look through my rifle scope until it is time to identify an animal at long range or make the shot.

 The Ricco 384 with a field of view of 33 ft at 100 yards will probably not be the best choice if you do not have a scanner or if most of your shots are short range. If you do not have a scanner, it will be difficult to scan the area using a 4X base power scope. 

The Ricco 384's image is very good, especially in black hot. Everything in the image is sharp, and the heat separation between the animal and background is excellent, giving you a clear target when you have to zoom the magnification. The target does not pixelate badly at higher magnification. A little blurry at 16X yes, but still good enough to identify coyotes and accurately aim at long yardage.

Using the control buttons while hunting was a little different than other scopes I have used. They were easy to use but you have to press a button to "wake" the scope and then press the button again to use a function. So, for recording, you have to give the record button a short press, then a long press to start the recording.

I like to record all my hunts for Youtube and while the IRay 384 does record video, there is no sound. I know that most hunters do not care about recording hunts, but for those that do, audio is very important for recording the full hunting experience.

Ricco MK1 384 Not Just For Coyotes

iRayUSA Ricco Mk1 384 thermal scope

The iRayUSA Ricco MK1 384 has a high base magnification, so I expect it to be high on the coyote hunters' wish list. But if you hunt multiple species, do not pass it by because you think the magnification is too high. I hunt hogs as much as I do coyotes, and I did not feel handicapped at all by the higher magnification. The 4X base magnification is perfect for coyote hunters, but not too much for hog hunters unless all your hunting is done in wooded areas at close range. Even with the 4X base magnification, it still gives you a wide 33' field of view at 100 yards. It may not be the best for shooting over feeders at 50 yards, but if you hunt mostly fields for hogs, it works fine

iRay Ricco MK1 384 Thermal Scope Likes & Dislikes

Excellent Image Quality – The image quality of the iRayUSA Ricco MK1 384 is among the best available with a 384x288 thermal core. The 12-micron core really is a cut above the competitions' 384x288 17-micron models because you get a great image at a higher base magnification. You get a good very usable image even when zoomed above the base power.

Base Magnification - The iRayUSA Ricco MK1 384 's base magnification is higher than most thermal scopes. I usually hunt powerlines, cut cornfields, and hayfields for coyotes and hogs. One of the reasons I still hunt with a 384X288 rifle scope is because affordable 640 resolution rifle scopes only have a 1.5-2X base magnification. I presently hunt with a scope that has 3.5X base magnification level and so the iRayUSA Ricco MK1 384 fits right into my preferred magnification range.

33' Field Of View - Field of view is very important when choosing a thermal scope. If you have a thermal monocular for scanning, a very wide field of view in your riflescope is less important. The iRayUSA Ricco MK1 384 's field of view at 100 yards is 33 feet wide and that is very narrow for hog hunting. A 33-foot field of view is fine for coyote hunting but is a challenge for follow-up shots on a sounder of hogs. I do not recommend this scope unless you have a thermal scanner for locating game.

Batteries -One of the best features of the iRayUSA Ricco MK1 384 is the rechargeable battery pack that lasts for 6-hours. No messing around with power banks or expensive CR123 batteries. Just charge it up and go hunt for hours at a time.  The battery pack is small and fits right into the side of the scope for a sleek profile and you will not have to worry about wires or power banks.

Menu Buttons - About the only issue I have with the iRayUSA Ricco MK1 384 is the requirement to "wake" the scope before using a function button. To zoom the magnification or record video, you must first push the button to wake the scope, then push the button again to zoom or record. You normally use these functions at that critical time right before the shot. I wish iRay would change the software to allow these functions with one push of the button. 

Bottom Line - If you are a coyote hunter who wants a great thermal rifle scope, the iRayUSA Ricco MK1 384 Thermal Scope should be one of your top considerations. It has a great image, it is easy to use while hunting, and has enough magnification to make long shots. Combine that with a long-lasting rechargeable battery pack and the best warranty in the industry and it is hard to beat. I do not think you will be disappointed and I know it will make you a successful hunter.

Shop iRayUSA Thermal Optics at Outdoor Legacy

I am writing this in April of 2021. Right now, the iRayUSA Ricco MK1 384 Thermal Scope is just hitting dealers' shelves. If you want a new Iray Ricco MK1 384 Thermal Scope, call Jason at  Outdoor Legacy at (877)350-1818. If it is out of stock you can get on the waiting list or pre-order on the website for a $100 deposit. Jason will take the time to help you decide what thermal scope or other night vision optic is best for your hunting needs.

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Resolution 384x288
Pixel Size  12 μm
Framerate 50hz
Image Processing MATRIX III
Core iRay Micro II 384

Objective Lens 42mm F1.1
Magnification 4X
Digital Zoom  4X
FOV  6.2° x 4.6°
Detection Range 2000 Yards
Display Type  AMOLED
Display Resolution 1024x768
Imaging Modes White Hot, Black Hot, Red Hot, Color, Highlight
Reticle Types 7 (2 Dynamic, 5 Static)
Reticle Colors  Black, White, Red, Green
Mounting System  Picatinny STD-1913 rail
P.I.P.  Yes
Rangefinder  Stadiametric
Eye Relief  55mm
Diopter Range  -4 to +4

Onboard Recording
Video and Image
Video and Image, no audio
Wireless Connectivity
Image/video via App.
Data/Power Connector  USB-C
Power Supply  Li-Ion Battery Pack , 6 hours. USB-C external
Start Up Time  > 10 Seconds, Instant from Standby

Size  9.84”×2.40”×2.28”
Weight  29.63 Oz
29.27 Oz

Warranty  5 Years
Housing Material  Aluminum/ABS
Ingress Protection  IP67
Operation Temp  -4°F~122°F
Max. Recoil  300 win./7mm mag

In the box;

  • IRay VOx 384x288 12µm Thermal Sight
  • Video-out or external power supply Type C USB cable
  • QD Weapon Mount
  • One Rechargeable Battery Pack
  • Front lens protective cap
  • Eyepiece rubber eye guard
  • Soft Carrying Case
  • Lens Cleaning Cloth
  • Instructions manual