AGM Taipan TM15-384 1.5-12x Thermal Monocular

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The AGM Taipan handheld thermal monocular is equipped with a 384×288 12 micron thermal sensor and a 1280×960 LCOS display. The 12 mciron high-sensitivity thermal sensor provides you with a clear view even in total darkness.



Hot Spot Mark:
The device detects and marks the hot spot of highest temperature.

Built-in memory module supports video recording/snapshot capturing.

Digital Zoom:
Device supports 1×, 2×, 4×, and 8× digital zoom.

Wi-Fi Hotspot:
Device can capture snapshots, record videos, and set parameters via APP after being connected to your phone.

Customer Reviews

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Chad C
Agm taipan 15mm 384

Pretty good picture for the price point ,at longer range 200+ yards the monocular seems a touch out of focus and that can not be adjusted as it has a fixed focus and it is only a 15mm lens, so expectations are met. It is a very useful tool next to my Bering Hogster while coyote hunting used as a scanner. Detection range is as advertised or better , ID range is probably 500 yards on cows, 400 yards on humans, 300 yards on deer 200 yards on coyotes , 100 yards for rabbits for me. Great little optic for the price. Thanks OLG yall are great ,as always.

Huston Hathcock
This is a must have!

We hunt mostly at night with thermals. We'd always used our guns as scanners. After a lot of comparing scanners I settled on the AGM15-384. I have not been disappointed with it. I've pick up game way before i would have with the gun due to faster scanning a field, clear cut or woods. It dont seem to as bad on my eyes as the scopes either. It's spoiled me using it just to see whats stirring on my place at night too. I can easily see flying squirrels at 100yds. I cant identify the difference in deer or coyotes other than the way they move past 250yds but thats what the rifle scope is for. You wont be disappointed it or Outdoor Legacy for the price

michael moore
must have for coyotes

works like a champ very clear and user friendly would buy again

Michael Cruz
Just what the doctor ordered.

They don't lie when they say to put one of these is your budget. It is as much of a game changer as when you first get a thermal sight.

Perfect for scanning!

This thing is an impressive unit for the price point. Perfect for scanning rather than being hunched over on the tripod! I wish I wouldn’t have waited so long to buy one. Thanks to the crew at Outdoor Legacy Gear for their outstanding service!

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