Bering Optics Super Yoter R 2-8x 35mm Thermal Rifle Scope

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The Bering Optics SUPER YOTER R™ Thermal Weapon Sight features the advanced 12μm Vanadium Oxide (VOx) 640x480 core resolution with 50Hz refresh rate that makes the scope ideal for predator control at medium- and long-range distances. This Thermal Scope has 3 modifications with native magnification of 3.0x (BE46050L), 2.0x (BE46035/BE46035L) and 1.5x (BE46025/BE46025L) with digital zoom of 2X, 4X. The wide range of controls and capabilities allow the user to adapt the scope to various conditions and personal preferences. There are 8 reticle patterns including 3 BDC reticles, along with four color options for each reticle pattern. The sight operation is controlled with three buttons allowing easy selection of the options.

A unique adjustable Stradiametric Rangefinder can be set to the height of the animals, thus increasing the overall usefulness of this

feature. Other useful features of the SUPER YOTER R™ is a wide selection of the image adjustment options as well as the image background adjustment and calibration.

The SUPER YOTER R™ is nitrogen-purged, is water-, dust- and shock-proof and shock-rated for .338 Win Mag., 30-06 Spring Mag. The SUPER YOTER R™ is action ready in any environment or light conditions, including conditions when the environmental obscurants such as smoke, dust, haze, are present.  

  • Superior for predator control at medium- and long-range distances
  • Excellent performer in high humidity conditions
  • Picture-in-Picture function- 2X multiplied image on a top of the display
  • Automatic shatter based thermal VOx core with Auto- or Manual calibration
  • Switchable image polarity: White Hot / Black Hot / Red Hot / Colored Hot
  • 8 reticle patterns including 3 BDC reticles
  • 4 color options for each reticle pattern
  • Precise W/E adjustment increments is 0.54” at 1X (native magnification) and just 0.14” at 4X multiplied image for BE46050L model
  • Manual control of the image sharpness and screen brightness
  • Manual control of the contrast
  • Manual control of the image background balance of white (Cool or Warm)
  • Ability to save 4 profiles of zeroing calibration data
  • Stradiametric Rangefinder function to estimate the distance to the targets of manually adjustable target’s height
  • A precise lens focusing mechanism
  • 5V DC external power supply option via a Type-C USB port
  • Blind Pixel repair tool
  • Standby mode
  • Digital Compass
  • Inclinometer
  • Battery status indicator
  • Nitrogen purged
  • Video out
  • 32Gb internal memory
  • Built-in internal recording function in .mp4 (video) and .jpeg (image) formats
  • Wi-Fi capable- allows media recording to the mobile device (iOS or Android App is required)
  • Quick-Detach (QD) Picatinny mount
  • 4 years warranty on parts and labor



Customer Reviews

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Hayes Thomas

Great product so far. Easy to use and customer support has been top notch also. I did a lot of looking around and comparing but there is only so much you can do without putting your hands on them. It is a big investment and not one you can afford to make a mistake on. It just took one conversation and all my question were answered. These guys know there stuff.

Don C
Love it.

My first weapon mounted thermal. Very well built. Image is very good..probably as good as my Pulsar Helion 2 XP50 monocular. The extra resolution is very nice. I got the stock mount and it seems sturdy enough.

The unit seems pretty snappy and I like the menu system. Wish it had a sequence to bring up PIP without going through menu. It is slow to boot (20 seconds) but it has a stand by mode which comes back in < 1 second. Uses a lot of battery but will run off external USB battery bank.

OLG: best place to buy night vision hunting gear

Jason and Hans work tirelessly to educate their customers on their products and their intended uses, strengths and weaknesses. Their YouTube channel, The Late Night Vision Show, is extremely informative and they give it to you straight. They definitely helped me make a decision I could feel good about and not regret. After several months with my Super Yoter 35, I have no regrets. It’s an excellent scope that’s in my opinion more useful than the 384 resolution Hogster 35 for longer range due to less image degradation while using the digital zoom, but better for most hog hunting scenarios than the Super Hogster due to its wider field of view and ease of use at closer ranges. Obviously if you don’t stalk pigs and get in close, or sit under a feeder, you may want to potentially consider a scope with a different base magnification. All in all I’m impressed with the optic, but mostly impressed with the group of people I bought it from. I’m looking to buy a monocular from them now, and I really appreciated how Jason followed up with every email I sent, and how he was very professional and courteous. They want to get it right, and they don’t try to sell you the most expensive optic. They just want you to be happy. These guys know their stuff and are true southern gentlemen.

Brandt Cassetty
Super yoter

Exceeded my expectations! Image quality is amazing. Very easy to use and set up. Excellent service.

Great Youtubers & Great Service

I watched a lot of the outdoor legacy youtube videos. I determined that i wanted to get a little bit better picture through my scope. So i did reach a little more. I am very happy with my purchase and these guys gave great detail on my Bering Optics Super Yoter. So these guys rocked. The only ding i will say is on the yoter i have experienced the battery compartment has open slightly turning the unit off. Hoping to fix that shortly. But overall great service and great product here. Very satisfied customer!!!!

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